Trust in the “Who” not how!

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As I was praying this morning and feeling discouraged after hearing some news I remembered this testimony and I hope that it can be encouragement for someone else …

In the beginning of 2010, I had prayed for a new car because the one I had, I knew it would not last much longer. I didn’t have any funds saved for a down payment and the car I desired didn’t fit within my budget. However, I knew exactly what kind of car I wanted: A black buick lacrosse with a sun-roof and I did not want to pay more than a $200 car note.

As the year progressed and no funds in sight, I figured my prayer of getting a new car would not be answered anytime soon. On a rainy day toward the end of November 2010 I was driving and was getting ready to turn left at a traffic light. Maybe I was going too fast or I hit a slippery patch, but next thing I knew my vehicle had crashed into the median. I thought that was the extent of the crash untill I heard a loud bang and realized I had been rear ended…by a truck while I’m in a little chevy metro lol. Needless to say my car was totaled. Well I was definitely getting another car, but not in the way I thought. In a couple weeks in mid-December 2010 I received a check from the other parties insurance company for reimbursement. The check was almost the original cost my dad paid for the car 4 years earlier! I went out of town to visit my family and came back the last week of December 2010.

I went to a dealership, the only dealership I went to, and the car salesmen showed me cars that he believed would be in my budget. Yet, I was still believing that I would be blessed with the car that I originally wanted. As we continued going down the lot, I see my car! A black buick lacrosse with all the features I wanted and than some. I told the car salesmen that’s the car I wanted and my car note needed to be under $200. He for sure thought there was no way even with the down payment that I would get approved for the car with that dollar amount for the car note.

On December 31st 2010, I drove away in my buick lacrosse with a car note of $189 and I still have the car today paid in full. Although, this was a prayer of a materialistic matter, I felt it best illustrated that 2017 may be near, but 2016 is not over! Believe and have faith that God will surpass your expectations! That what may look impossible is always possible with God! If you ask you will receive and if you seek you will find! It is my hope that someone will stay encouraged that God can change any situation around in an instant!

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