I was close to death and didn’t even know it, but God!

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True Blood actor, Nelsan Ellis, passed away July 8th 2017 from heart failure. For many years Ellis was an alcoholic and did many stints in rehab only to relapse shortly after each trip. In a recent attempt to overcome his addiction he quit alcohol cold turkey. Unfortunately, his efforts were actually a detriment. The sudden alcohol withdrawal was too much for Ellis’s body to handle and caused numerous issues such as blood infection,  kidneys shut down,  liver swollen,  blood pressure drop, and a racing heartbeat.

For two years I was an alcoholic. I would drink excessive amounts everyday, gained 23 pounds during that time, and had no realization that my life had spiraled out of control.

Nine months ago I had gotten so sick from the large consumption of  daily alcohol that I could not even get out of bed. I cried out to God and said, “Lord, if you heal me from this I will turn my life around and serve you like I know I should.”

I haven’t had any alcohol in nine months and I have completely rededicated my life to Christ. Like Ellis I quit cold turkey. Until, I came across the story of Ellis trying desperately to end a vicious cycle, I had no idea what God had really done for me.

A miracle!

I pray this has encouraged someone to be thankful for everyday that God breathes life into their body. Because of His grace, mercy and love God gave me another chance when I could have succumbed to the same fateful outcome that Ellis did.

God is faithful!





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