Financial Breakthrough!

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 Financial Breakthrough!

For whatever reason (a.k.a the devil) my financial aid at school was being held up. I had done everything that was required for release of the funds months ago, but it would not go through. The woman who was helping me could not find the error and after about 30 minutes of being on the phone with her she put me on hold.

I was slightly irritated and even though this is my 4th time going to school dealing with the financial aid office never gets easier. However, I was determined not to let this defeat me and knew this was another form of discouragement because after I looked at all what my classes were requiring for this degree. I was already thinking what have I got myself into. But I knew it was part of God’s process.

Nevertheless, while on hold instead of being consumed with what was happening I decided I was going to pray, praise God, and dance untill she got back on the phone. After 5 minutes she came back on the phone and said the funds were released!

When you’ve done all you can give God the praise and He will show up on your behalf!

When you want to give up and say forget it press in and allow God to show himself mighty!

God is faithful!

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