Where my girls at?

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 Where are we at???

If you have the opportunity to encourage young black girls and women to go to college and they have an affinity and talent for design and creativity please suggest the fields of architecture and engineering.

I am usually the only black woman architect in my classes. I never really thought much of it until I realized how necessary it is to diversify this field. I didn’t see someone become an architect or black women in the field. I just knew I had a fascination with buildings and I was always drawing them. I knew I found something special to me and it stuck for life.

However, it certainly helped that here and there people encouraged me even though they really didn’t understand (and neither did I) the path was before me. And every time I wanted to give up God sent someone to cheer me on.

I have met some of the greatest of people who have helped beyond I could thank them for ( Adrian Lamar Williams). I went to an art and design school that I didn’t think I could get into. I have mentors who continue to go out of their way to ensure I succeed and my first job out of college was being an architect intern at the Pentagon. God has already exceeded my expectations and I’ve really not even started!

It may not happen that way for everyone, but if God did it for me He can surely do it for others. I would love to see more black women (and men) in different fields (political, arts, business) so we can be represented properly.

It is a very difficult and long road to becoming an architect, but I believe it will be worth it. It has already been worth it. Not because of money or recognition, but because maybe it will help a young black girl see if I can do it they can too!

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