A $1,000 dollars from where? The counterfeit comes before the promise!

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Fortunately, while I am in school I receive a stipend to help support expenses. There was a significant delay in the stipend although I had did all that was required of me to make sure it was disbursed properly. After a couple months went by, I inquired a third time (after intense prayer asking God to release the funds) about why the stipend had not been disbursed. Well, I guess as they say the third time is a charm (Actually it was God!) because I finally got a date as to when I would receive the stipend.  I was convinced that God heard me thus the sudden turnaround!

And He did hear me… but so does the enemy.

Everything isn’t the devil and probably more things are our faults than we like to admit, but I am positive you will see in this instance that isn’t the case. The next day after being notified that the money would be deposited I found a little over a $1,000 dollars deposited in my account. However, I was told the money for the stipend wouldn’t be deposited until  after 7 business days. Also, the amount is variable as it is dependent on how many days one attends school so I wasn’t sure how much money I would be receiving.

Reasonably, I thought “Oh wow! God released the money early!.” However, I looked again and noticed the title of the deposit. It wasn’t from the place the stipend is sent. I decided to do an online chat with a representative and was told it was deposited from a family member. A family member that who unfortunately uses money to control others and one who I decided put a boundary in place when it comes to money. After inquiring what the money was for from the family member they realized they had made a “mistake.” I immediately sent the money back and went on with my day.

The next day after that incident the money from my stipend (that I knew for sure!) was deposited into my account. The funds were still released sooner than I was told. Look at God!

To be honest, when the money from the family member came in, I really wanted to spend it and send the money back whenever I got my stipend. There were a few bills that needed to be paid and pushing it another week might have caused some issues. But, I stopped and thought how far I had come from this situation with the family member. I had finally broken free from the control. But, I was willing to put myself back into this situation because I  feared I wouldn’t be able to pay a couple bills?

God is bigger than that!

I believe God accelerated the stipend being release because I demonstrated I believed He would provide for me! I was steadfast and refused to go back to a situation that once kept me bound! I had passed the test!

Is there anything holding you back from the promises of God?

Will you take the counterfeit or the promise?

God is Faithful!!!!

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