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Let’s Pray!

It’s too expensive!

Yeah they do!


Well with friends like these….

There is always another way!

My 6 year old son is learning how to tie his shoes. I have showed him over and over the way that I was taught. My son is very smart so I thought he would pick it up in no time. However, weeks passed and he was still not getting it.

Yesterday, as I was helping him and he was getting frustrated I said “ Well, there’s gotta be another way.” I googled and found another way that appeared to be harder, but I thought you never know what works sometimes. I showed my son a few times and he said “Okay, I got it!” He did it one time and now knows how to tie his shoes.

I encourage that if you been trying to accomplish something and it’s just not working, try another way! What appears to be harder may just be the way your breakthrough happens!