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Don’t settle!

God has more for you, but there is process and cost to obtain greater! Be steadfast. Ephesians 3:20.

Keep going!

You must remain patient and unmoved. Things along the way will encourage you AND distract you. Some things will make you feel like “why am I going through this?” or “why did I pursue this and look at where I am?”. However, anything that got you to this point will only work for your GOOD and is in the past. A past you no longer have control over. Push forward and dream again!

Final Design Project!

Final design studio project before my thesis

Building Type: Community Center

Style: Modern and Biophillic Design

In due time!

God is doing more than your natural eyes can see. Whatever you are desiring is already in you or somewhere in the earth. It will come to you in due time. Believe!

Honor it and move on!

You can make things right with a person or place and not feel obligated that the situation needs to return to its prior state. Honor it for what it was and move on.

Don’t quit!

What you need is already in you. Keep pushing and keep going!