Why I Am Considering “Texlaxing” My Hair After Being Natural For 7 Years.

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To be honest…I  still may do it, but for now *insert eye roll here* I’m not.

When I first became natural 7 years ago there was hardly anyone doing it and really I was mocked by several people for doing it myself. However, I got tired of having over-processed and unhealthy hair. It wasn’t growing and the burning from getting relaxers was really the last straw for me. The first few years I really enjoyed being a products junkie ( Now I use whatever oil I have, leave in conditioner and call it a day) and trying out the various styles. However, over the years that routine soon faded and I was left with ridiculously thick, kinky, but long hair.

Now, I’m sure for most people that’s probably ideal and yes I really am thankful…for the most part. I get compliments all the time from women about how beautiful my hair is and how they wish their hair could be *insert kinky, curly, thick, whatever adjective here* as well. The men give kudos too and encourage to keep going my “Sister” or “Queen” *insert huge eye roll here* That’s a whole other topic.

But sis…bro…cuz…whoever! What you are not seeing is the arduous and sometimes painstaking process that I must go through in order for you to see those results.

To detangle: 1 hour

To wash and condition: 2 hours

To blow dry: Never….and if I get inspired to do it…wish I hadn’t because it takes hoursss

To air dry: A whole day or night

To style: about 30-40 minutes (that’s not so bad)

Results on a good day:

June 2016-2017 243

Results on a bad day….I’ll spare you.

Anyway, once you add up how long it takes to get to something like up above…one can see it’s really time consuming. And that is why for the most part I wear wigs. The trouble is just not worth going through. So the other day I was watching a video where the young lady had her natural hair out and she was speaking about how much she liked it. I thought to myself, ” Well I’d like to wear my hair out more often, but the process is just too long…what can I do to have better manageability?”

A texturizer!

A texturizer is basically a relaxer but it’s “suppose” to minimally lessen the tightness of the curl pattern therefore the hair being far more manageable.

Well, I did my research and saw other women with hair texture like mine (4c) and how successful it was for them….so why not? I gathered all of the information I needed and headed to the store.

I get to the store , look at  all the texturizers, and  immediately started to have flashbacks to when I would get relaxers…

Needless to say I did not leave the store with a texturizer in hand.

I definitely chickened out! Oh well.

Instead, I got a detangling spray and that sufficed my urge to do something with my hair for now.

Who knows…maybe next time.

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