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-For many years I believed if I wasn’t hustling or grinding, trying to make this or that work, staying up late/rising early everyday, or just being busy with any and everything that it correlated to my self-worth and how much God loved me.

-Well recently over the last couple years God slowed down my schedule significantly. Every time I tried to make something happen significant disturbance would occur. I couldn’t understand why God wouldn’t let me do other things other than the assignments He had given me (which I thought was insignificant at the time).

-Well one day when I was thinking about why I couldn’t do anything else God said to me,”What is your son doing right now?”

-I said, “Nothing really just playing his game.” God said, “Do you still love him?” I replied, “Well of course God whether he does anything or n…….ohhh😳”

-God loves you whether you are working an 8 hour shift or decide to lay in bed all day and not get anything accomplished. There is a time and place for everything. He is the master planner. He knows exactly what you need and when you need it.

-God knows best!

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