God will do it because He wants too!

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Right before I graduated from SCAD I told God I wanted a government job. I honestly don’t think I even prayed about it, I just said it and moved on about my day.

I use to think really small when it came to what God could do for me.

I also use to think I had to strive or force opportunities to happen.

I use to think God’s love was performance based and I had to be doing “good” in order for him to bless me.

All of the above is wrong.

I had no inclination I would work at the Pentagon or that it would change the trajectory of my life. Not only was my life really out of order at this time, I didn’t even apply for this job…they emailed me to see if I wanted to work there😳💃🏽☝🏾.

God’s plan will always be bigger and better than yours. Although, life is way easier being obedient to him, God will do things for him to get the glory whether you do right or not.

Rest in God, trust and believe his plan for you!


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