God, whatever it takes!

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This type of season can go a few ways.

You just cut off everything that was hindering you and you’re starting over headed in a new and different direction…

Congrats! You’re doing something many don’t even think to attempt.


You’re halfway through your exodus from Egypt. You want to go back to what kept you bound, yet comfortable. But, you’re closer to freedom and the promises of God than you’ve ever been before. So you figure…

I can’t give up now.


You know you are getting close to the end of your wilderness. The light at the end of the tunnel has now gotten brighter. Things that didn’t make sense before are now starting to click. Your new identity is now becoming more clear. However, you’re tired of manna. You’re tired of the routine. You’re tired of seeing everyone else blessed and happy. You. Are. Tired.

This is when you have to press in. This is when God lets you know you’re in too deep to go back. And if you did go back…well Matthew 12:45 lets you know how that will play out.

No matter what this season looks like for you, God’s plan is to prosper you not to harm you. Don’t give in and don’t give up.




You gotta do whatever it takes! It’s your season!

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