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There was a recent time in my life where God revealed to me the reason my life was stagnant. He showed me that because of dishonor and unforgiveness my life would not become unstuck. Once I did the right thing concerning these people and situations my life changed instantly.

I had to ask for forgiveness from people where I thought they were wrong!

I had to apologize to people for not handling situations maturely or properly.

I had to make right situations that happened over 10 years ago!

Now my relationship with God has gone to another level and little by little my life went from unstuck to finding it’s rhythm.

You will NOT go to the next level with God, in your life, if you have dishonor and unforgiveness left unresolved.

And if for some reason God allows you to anyway it won’t sustain. The same patterns that got you into it will manifest again guaranteed.

Who can you make peace with today so you can be elevated to and aligned with the right people and places?

Let’s go after all God has for us!

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