Spend time with God!

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Recently I was preparing myself to visit a place. I asked God, “ Is there anything I need to be aware of?”


Now honestly I was looking for deep revelation because this visit was a big leap of faith for me.


However, all God said was, “Dress light.”


I thought, “That’s it?!😕…well okay I guess that’s what I will do.” 😂🙄


Well I was so glad I did because the place didn’t have air conditioner!


If I would’ve worn something else I would’ve been so irritated and not able to receive what God had for me!


What I loved most about this particular experience with God is that I realized how much I have grown in my relationship with God.


Because if this was the me from even 3 years ago… I wouldn’t have even thought that was God because my devotion to Him was no where near as strong as it is now.


Although it was a simple instruction it taught me if I can’t even obey the little things how should I expect to be trusted with bigger??


Spend time with God, it’s necessary!!

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