Change your perspective!

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Prophetic Word: Change your perspective!

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This morning I had a vision of a desert. The ground was hard and cracked everywhere. The sun appeared to be setting and there was mountains surrounding this desert area. As my eyes looked around they rested on a very small pond and the vision ended. As I inquired the Lord of what this meant the Holy Spirit alerted me to Isaiah 43:19. After I read it I heard the Lord say:

“Change your perspective. It’s not what you think it is. You will have to fix your eyes on the new thing I am doing. Even if nothing around you appears to have changed. I know you are weary, but you must give it all you got to birth out the promise I have for you. There is no other way around this. Either you will rise up and inherit the good land I have for you or you will remain stuck in a place I have not called you to be.

Trust me and know the provisions are made. You just have to get there to receive it and in due time you will. Giving praise will help you as you push through this timeframe. Be of good courage. This is only the beginning! Soon your situation will be like night and day. So opposite that you will be in awe of the things I have brought before you. It’s only a matter time! Keep moving forward and shift your perspective!”

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