No excuses: If I can do it, so can you!

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If you are thinking about all the reasons as to why you CAN’T accomplish a degree (If you are suppose to, some aren’t and that’s okay!) Here is my testimony so you can be encouraged:

•I’m a single parent.

•I live 1600 miles from my parents and have so for the past 11 years.

•I have the help of one grandmother(no other family lives around me), not that often, especially during this degree program.

• I drove myself and my kids(alone)9 hours to have them watch me present my architectural thesis and watch me graduate. I will drive back 9 hours tonight. (Plane tickets are outrageous for 3 of us so yeah😂)

• I had no idea how I was going to pay for this degree and all the trips I had to make and yet God made a way.

• The last time I slept well or more than 6 hours a day was a month ago if not longer than that.

• There were many recent changes that have occurred in my personal life where I battled constantly with whether my dream of becoming an architect was even going to happen. And truthfully it may not😂 at least not the way I want it to.

Good thing God’s plan is better than mine.🙏🏾

I could say alot more, but I’m sure I’ll write a book one day so yeah lol. Nevertheless, the only way I was able to make it through this and my other degrees was understanding it’s bigger than me, it’s bigger than the moment and being resolved that this is what I was suppose to do.

There were many days I wanted to quit, and there were many days where I questioned why I was doing this. But know nothing is wasted with God! Even if it doesn’t turn out the way you think, no one can ever take your education away from you. It is something you will have forever!

If you know you’re suppose to be in school, fill out the application or put money aside for tuition, just do something! There is someone waiting to see you win! I was the only black woman to graduate in my program. There are others coming behind me who need to see it done. And it will be the same for you!

No excuses!

Get after what God has called you to do!

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