Prophetic Insight: What Is Your Proclivity?

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Notice in this example walking is the subject. For many of us walking is a natural action. One doesn’t think to themselves, “Why am I walking or how do I walk?” It is something that’s done naturally.

Yesterday, I was thinking about why are most, if not all, the things I do have a certain attribute involved. God said, “It’s your proclivity.” Not remembering what proclivity meant I looked it up and it’s definition is:

“A tendency to choose or do something regularly; an inclination or predisposition towards a particular thing.”

Not only did things start making alot of sense as to why God was having me do certain things, but I understood why once I stopped, I couldn’t go too long without going back to it.

That is the way God designed me.

And it is the same for you!

Whatever you are naturally inclined to do that is more than likely the area God has created for you to be prosperous. It may not be easy challenges will arise, and you will feel like giving up, but it doesn’t mean you weren’t created to do it, it’s just part of the journey!

Keep going and stay focused!

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