“It’s Time to Go Home”

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About 10 years ago I walked into a church off the side of a highway in a very small town. The moment I walked in there I immediately thought,


“This is home.”


For the next several years I journeyed with people who eventually became family. In particular my pastor, who was essentially like a father. Our bond was special. We could talk about anything and he made sure me and my children were always taken care of. He had wonderful wisdom and was the epitome of a pastor. He spoke well of me and I knew he was proud of the young woman I was becoming.


I jokingly tell people I’m his favorite (it’s true though), however, I also tell them I am the reason he is bald (good thing he won’t see this since he isn’t on social media). Not only was I dealing with my personal struggles, but also what comes with the territory when you are involved in ministry. He would instruct me on where to improve and would push me from condemnation to conviction and through to victory. For 5 years he dealt with the good, the bad, and the very ugly with me.


But, he loved me through it all.


However, I began to think the grass would be greener elsewhere, issues started to take place between us and I left and didn’t look back.


We didn’t talk for 5 years.


After those 5 years came to an end, God let me know it was time to reconcile so I could move on to the next season of my life. I remember thinking on the way to the church so many questions.


“What am I doing?”

“What if he turns me away?”

“How can I go in here after what I’ve done and after so long?”


I walked in as praise and worship was going on and sat down on one of the chairs toward the back. He was standing in the front. After a few minutes I stood up and saw his expression of shock, he waved and I waved back.


At the end of service he walked toward

me. He gave me a hug and asked, “Well what brings you here?” as it was clear due to the non-communication he wasn’t probably expecting to see me ever again.

I said, “I’m sorry and I wish I would’ve done things differently.” To my huge surprise, after all that transpired between us he said, “Me too…but nevertheless…Welcome Home!”


This experience personified God’s grace and love for me and even when I go astray, He’s there and when I decide to go down the right path, He’s there as well.


Fix the relationship so you can move forward with your life. Pray and ask God to go before you and to prepare their hearts so reconciliation can take place! Don’t be afraid God is with you!


Go home!

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