|Black in Architecture| “I’ve come a long way”

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I had my performance review yesterday. It went well and my supervisor was pleased with my work as well as my peers. I also gave feedback on how I could be a significant part of enhancing projects and that I’ve started the licensure process so I can become a registered architect. A plan was established on how I could progress as an architect and it was expressed if I needed anything they are there for me. I left the meeting feeling two ways:

•Inspired-I know where I’m headed and how to get there. God has placed me with people who not only care about my career, but me as a person.

•Relieved- I knew God’s grace and favor was at work because honestly…I almost let this opportunity pass me by.

I had to make some decisions in order to focus on what God had called me too. I had to realize I couldn’t do it all and some things I may just have to do at a slower pace or further down the road. I also know processes can take a really long time. 7 years of schooling later and I still have a long way to go before I mature into the role of an architect. There’s much to learn and much to do.

However, this also gives me peace that other processes may take just as long if not longer and I am okay with that.

I’m 31, I’ve accomplished a lot in my short life. I still need to travel the world, but other than that God has done the miraculous. He has blessed me with extraordinary gifts and opportunities and I am amazed how far He has brought this teenage mom.

The beginning of yet another journey!

I’m looking forward to what God will do next!

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