Be Unstoppable

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•When I first went natural(hair) 9 years ago my family mocked me and said I looked ridiculous…now most of them are natural and ask me what products should they use🤔

•When I first started going to school I had a “friend” who said to me, “Lia, what you’re doing isn’t even important, who cares?” We were working as cashiers at the time. Now 8 years later I’m becoming an registered architect and they’re doing…🤷🏽‍♀️

•When I moved to Jacksonville this year and pretty much left all my things behind I had someone tell me it was unwise and in poor timing when I moved. A month later God blessed me with a new car, new job and new place in the span of 2 weeks.🙌🏾

So when you begin your fitness journey, decide to go back to school, start your business, eat healthier, begin the ministry…whatever it is, just know there will always be somebody with something to say to discourage you.

Ignore them. You deserve to hear all the encouragement you need to thrive this year.

Go be great!

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