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Let’s Pray!




Help us, Father!


God is hearing your smallest prayers now!


Although my kids had a great Christmas it has been a little tight this year. I really didn’t have any money left over for anything. This morning as I was praying I quickly said “ It would be nice if I could take the kids somewhere to eat.” Not because we don’t have any food, but we haven’t had the opportunity to do anything this Christmas break.

I decided to take the kids to the park after they opened presents. After awhile a man came up to my car and knocked on the window. I rolled down the window and the man asked “ Are those your kids on the playground?” I replied “Yes” and he said “ I don’t have any kids and I’ve always wanted to do something for someone on Christmas, here’s some money so you can take your kids out to eat.” 

No matter what it looks like believe that God will do even the smallest of our hearts desire. In a previous post I proclaimed that I believed God is saying there is a special grace and favor in these last days of December. Ask away! God is listening and answering quickly!!!!

God is faithful!





Dear Gracious Father, I need your help today. Everyday I need your help. I need your strength and your courage. Help me Father with the right thoughts, words and actions. Lord guide me and protect me. Protect from evil, but most importantly protect me from myself. Because at times what we do to ourselves can be worse than what the enemy brings. My ways are not your ways, so help me to lean on your understanding and not my own. In Jesus name,


I’m all in!

I declare and decree that I will have victory, total restoration, overflow and recompense in:
Finances and resources
Debt cancellation
Open doors
Rivers of peace
Healing and deliverance
Revelation, clarity and accuracy
Relationships and friendships
Divine marriage
Fear of death and any other attack of fear from the enemy
I thank you Father for releasing everything the enemy has held up. I thank you Father for my new life and fresh start. I thank you Father for the constant renewing of my mind. Father I repent of all sins and pray that you will forgive me and wash me with the Blood! Thank you for restoration! Thank you for healing! Thank you for favor! Thank you for victory! I am the head and not the tail. I am royal priesthood. I am a servant of the Most High! I am walking in a season of exceedingly abundantly beyond anything I could ask or think! I am a child of God! My children are covered under the blood and will be mighty men and women of God! I am all in! I surrender to the will You have for my life Father! Thank you Lord in Jesus name, Amen!

Stop and…


Student Loans…Goodbye!

I declare and decree that before the year is out our student loans will be paid in full and/or cancelled in the name of Jesus. We stepped out in faith believing the vision that was set in our heart to pursue. Kingdom assignments will not be hindered by debt as we know the God we serve is bigger than that! He will allow us to walk in our purpose freely without worry of the things of the past!  We receive this word now in the name of Jesus!