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There is always another way!

My 6 year old son is learning how to tie his shoes. I have showed him over and over the way that I was taught. My son is very smart so I thought he would pick it up in no time. However, weeks passed and he was still not getting it.

Yesterday, as I was helping him and he was getting frustrated I said “ Well, there’s gotta be another way.” I googled and found another way that appeared to be harder, but I thought you never know what works sometimes. I showed my son a few times and he said “Okay, I got it!” He did it one time and now knows how to tie his shoes.

I encourage that if you been trying to accomplish something and it’s just not working, try another way! What appears to be harder may just be the way your breakthrough happens!

God is hearing your smallest prayers now!


Although my kids had a great Christmas it has been a little tight this year. I really didn’t have any money left over for anything. This morning as I was praying I quickly said “ It would be nice if I could take the kids somewhere to eat.” Not because we don’t have any food, but we haven’t had the opportunity to do anything this Christmas break.

I decided to take the kids to the park after they opened presents. After awhile a man came up to my car and knocked on the window. I rolled down the window and the man asked “ Are those your kids on the playground?” I replied “Yes” and he said “ I don’t have any kids and I’ve always wanted to do something for someone on Christmas, here’s some money so you can take your kids out to eat.” 

No matter what it looks like believe that God will do even the smallest of our hearts desire. In a previous post I proclaimed that I believed God is saying there is a special grace and favor in these last days of December. Ask away! God is listening and answering quickly!!!!

God is faithful!



A $1,000 dollars from where? The counterfeit comes before the promise!

Fortunately, while I am in school I receive a stipend to help support expenses. There was a significant delay in the stipend although I had did all that was required of me to make sure it was disbursed properly. After a couple months went by, I inquired a third time (after intense prayer asking God to release the funds) about why the stipend had not been disbursed. Well, I guess as they say the third time is a charm (Actually it was God!) because I finally got a date as to when I would receive the stipend.  I was convinced that God heard me thus the sudden turnaround!

And He did hear me… but so does the enemy.

Everything isn’t the devil and probably more things are our faults than we like to admit, but I am positive you will see in this instance that isn’t the case. The next day after being notified that the money would be deposited I found a little over a $1,000 dollars deposited in my account. However, I was told the money for the stipend wouldn’t be deposited until  after 7 business days. Also, the amount is variable as it is dependent on how many days one attends school so I wasn’t sure how much money I would be receiving.

Reasonably, I thought “Oh wow! God released the money early!.” However, I looked again and noticed the title of the deposit. It wasn’t from the place the stipend is sent. I decided to do an online chat with a representative and was told it was deposited from a family member. A family member that who unfortunately uses money to control others and one who I decided put a boundary in place when it comes to money. After inquiring what the money was for from the family member they realized they had made a “mistake.” I immediately sent the money back and went on with my day.

The next day after that incident the money from my stipend (that I knew for sure!) was deposited into my account. The funds were still released sooner than I was told. Look at God!

To be honest, when the money from the family member came in, I really wanted to spend it and send the money back whenever I got my stipend. There were a few bills that needed to be paid and pushing it another week might have caused some issues. But, I stopped and thought how far I had come from this situation with the family member. I had finally broken free from the control. But, I was willing to put myself back into this situation because I  feared I wouldn’t be able to pay a couple bills?

God is bigger than that!

I believe God accelerated the stipend being release because I demonstrated I believed He would provide for me! I was steadfast and refused to go back to a situation that once kept me bound! I had passed the test!

Is there anything holding you back from the promises of God?

Will you take the counterfeit or the promise?

God is Faithful!!!!

Where my girls at?

 Where are we at???

If you have the opportunity to encourage young black girls and women to go to college and they have an affinity and talent for design and creativity please suggest the fields of architecture and engineering.

I am usually the only black woman architect in my classes. I never really thought much of it until I realized how necessary it is to diversify this field. I didn’t see someone become an architect or black women in the field. I just knew I had a fascination with buildings and I was always drawing them. I knew I found something special to me and it stuck for life.

However, it certainly helped that here and there people encouraged me even though they really didn’t understand (and neither did I) the path was before me. And every time I wanted to give up God sent someone to cheer me on.

I have met some of the greatest of people who have helped beyond I could thank them for ( Adrian Lamar Williams). I went to an art and design school that I didn’t think I could get into. I have mentors who continue to go out of their way to ensure I succeed and my first job out of college was being an architect intern at the Pentagon. God has already exceeded my expectations and I’ve really not even started!

It may not happen that way for everyone, but if God did it for me He can surely do it for others. I would love to see more black women (and men) in different fields (political, arts, business) so we can be represented properly.

It is a very difficult and long road to becoming an architect, but I believe it will be worth it. It has already been worth it. Not because of money or recognition, but because maybe it will help a young black girl see if I can do it they can too!

Spread the word!



Financial Breakthrough!

 Financial Breakthrough!

For whatever reason (a.k.a the devil) my financial aid at school was being held up. I had done everything that was required for release of the funds months ago, but it would not go through. The woman who was helping me could not find the error and after about 30 minutes of being on the phone with her she put me on hold.

I was slightly irritated and even though this is my 4th time going to school dealing with the financial aid office never gets easier. However, I was determined not to let this defeat me and knew this was another form of discouragement because after I looked at all what my classes were requiring for this degree. I was already thinking what have I got myself into. But I knew it was part of God’s process.

Nevertheless, while on hold instead of being consumed with what was happening I decided I was going to pray, praise God, and dance untill she got back on the phone. After 5 minutes she came back on the phone and said the funds were released!

When you’ve done all you can give God the praise and He will show up on your behalf!

When you want to give up and say forget it press in and allow God to show himself mighty!

God is faithful!

Does my family believe that I’m a Christian?

I have visited my biological family 3 times in the last 10 years. They live in Colorado and cold and mountains aren’t really my thing. Nevertheless, this summer I had the opportunity to go visit my family for the first time in over 5 years. When you are a believer, I rather use that term just because a lot of people claim “Christian”, it can be difficult to be around your family if they aren’t believers as well or believe the way you do.

My family doesn’t go to church. No one had a bible. Jesus was only mentioned if I was around. I knew my speech and actions were being observed. I had access to weed (it’s legal there), alcohol, parties, old friends, drama and any other trouble I could get myself into. However, not only am I not about that life anymore. I think if I tried smoking a blunt today I would be the one that everyone would hate having around. Because my paranoia would be through the roof do you hear me? And all that other stuff, I’m approaching 30 and I just don’t think that’s a good look anymore.

The real reason though (Probably should’ve been the first?) is I really don’t like all that stuff  now that I’ve matured as a believer. My mindset changed so therefore everything else has changed as well. But anyway, I’ve stuck to the same routine that I’ve had for almost a year: Read my bible, watch sermons and encouragement videos, and listen to praise and worship. (I’ve been saved for 9 years, but this is the first year where I’ve been very consistent in what God has been telling me to do.)  That is how I spend my time outside of errands, taking care of the kids, school and whatever else life has for me. I love to have fun, but now it’s in ways that are more fulfilling and keeps me in alignment with God.

I am determined to please God.

Well my family knows this is my routine, but of course there were the conversations of ” Well you can’t force people into your religion” without me even saying a word.  And for me to take the bait to argue about “Doctrine and other irrelevant things” that people think are God’s agenda.

No I didn’t talk about salvation (although I wish I had), or what a Christian should be doing or anything related. I just did my routine as normal because people no longer want to hear about you being a believer. They want to see you being a believer. Thankfully, I passed the test. (Yay!)

When I left it was bittersweet. Of course I was excited to get back to my normal life, but I really don’t know if any of my family members are truly saved. That if they believe that Jesus died on the cross for our sins, rose 3 days later, conquered death and the grave, and freely gives the gift of salvation. **Sigh**


When I got in both my sister’s cars they said “I don’t want to hear that Jesus music.”

My mom says that she prays every damn day. (Her words not mine.)

My aunt serves at a church and said some things that let me know she knows her bible.

One of my sister’s said to me ” Why are Christians so judgmental about what other people do?” and I responded ” They shouldn’t be judgmental. They are no better than anyone else. She said “Well why are they so caught up on what people can and can’t do?” I replied. ” Those are religious people. Believers have a relationship with God and know that’s important but not everything. However, if I’m doing the same actions as a non-believer than how can I help God bring anyone Christ. If I believe in Christ than I should believe what the bible tells me about how to speak and act because I want to please God.” (Notice I said no scriptures or over religious stuff…on purpose.) She responded “That makes a lot of sense.” (And I could see in her eyes that something clicked, What? I don’t know, but I believe something that changed her mind about Christians.)

My dad tried to bait me into some discussion about Jesus and he said,”Well Jesus forgave the woman who committed adultery.” It didn’t have anything to do with what we were talking about. But, A for effort Dad.

When I invited my nephew to church he said, “Well I don’t do religion.” This gave me the opportunity to speak to him about knowing God has very little to do with religion and everything to do with relationship. I could see it had some impact on him.

Well, I can’t say my family doesn’t know anything about God or whether they are saved. But, I do know that 6 years ago I went natural (hair) and my sisters teased me for 4 years calling me all kinds of names and thinking it was so ridiculous that I had a fro. 2 years ago the same sisters who were teasing me are now natural and take hair advice from me.

God is faithful.



What God can do for you in 1 year.

A year ago I would have drunk all the alcohol my heart desired…

A year ago if a man who I was completely unequally yoked with pursued me, I would have justified why it was okay…

A year ago my bible would have been collecting dust….

A year ago I was chasing selfish ambition…

1 year later….

The thought of drinking alcohol again reminds me if I gave in my experience would be 7 times worse than my previous cycle of alcohol abuse…(Matthew 12:45)

The thought of giving a man a chance, who I know I am not spiritually compatible with, reminds me that waiting for the husband God has just for me is not in vain and that single-hood is just as much of a gift as marriage…(Lamentations 3:25 and 1 Corinthians 7:7)

The thought of going even one day without reading the bible shows me how quickly the enemy can steal, kill and destroy my mind…( John 10:10)

The thought of only seeking what I want to do and not what God desires, reminds me that He has a hope and future for me. One that goes exceedingly and abundantly beyond anything I could ask or think…( Jeremiah 29:11 and Ephesians 3:20)

1 year later…I am free! ( John 8:36)

I was close to death and didn’t even know it, but God!

True Blood actor, Nelsan Ellis, passed away July 8th 2017 from heart failure. For many years Ellis was an alcoholic and did many stints in rehab only to relapse shortly after each trip. In a recent attempt to overcome his addiction he quit alcohol cold turkey. Unfortunately, his efforts were actually a detriment. The sudden alcohol withdrawal was too much for Ellis’s body to handle and caused numerous issues such as blood infection,  kidneys shut down,  liver swollen,  blood pressure drop, and a racing heartbeat.

For two years I was an alcoholic. I would drink excessive amounts everyday, gained 23 pounds during that time, and had no realization that my life had spiraled out of control.

Nine months ago I had gotten so sick from the large consumption of  daily alcohol that I could not even get out of bed. I cried out to God and said, “Lord, if you heal me from this I will turn my life around and serve you like I know I should.”

I haven’t had any alcohol in nine months and I have completely rededicated my life to Christ. Like Ellis I quit cold turkey. Until, I came across the story of Ellis trying desperately to end a vicious cycle, I had no idea what God had really done for me.

A miracle!

I pray this has encouraged someone to be thankful for everyday that God breathes life into their body. Because of His grace, mercy and love God gave me another chance when I could have succumbed to the same fateful outcome that Ellis did.

God is faithful!





What has God kept you from?

On this morning I realized since I’ve been on my own as an adult (10 plus years) I’ve never had my lights cut off. There are many that don’t have that same testimony. What has God kept you from going through?

Be thankful!

A lesson in trusting God…

I am currently facilitating a group at my church and at our recent event I  didn’t have enough money to put gas in my car or pay for my meal that evening. I was picking up one of our group members and even though I was fairly sure that I had enough gas money for the trip, I used my credit card because I didn’t want to chance it.

When we arrived to the restaurant I ended up not liking the food. Not because I didn’t have any money, I could’ve used my credit card, but because  actually really didn’t like the food lol. So I ended up not having a bill. I thought well look at God I didn’t have to be concerned about this anyway. The next day after church I realized the person I picked up for the meeting left some money in my car.

I texted her and told her I found her money and would bring it to her at church. She responded “You can keep it I was going to treat you at dinner the other night, but you didn’t have a bill lol” As I reflect I really should have trusted God, put the money I had in my gas tank, and without my knowledge my meal was going to be taken care of.

Have faith that God will always provide for you! He will answer your needs in ways you never thought of!  enc13