Category: Testimony

Testimony Time: Remind God of His Word!

Yesterday morning while I was in prayer I was speaking to God about my finances. . Having an honest conversation with Him I said, “God according to your word (Philippians 4:19) you said you would supply all of my needs through your riches in glory by Christ Jesus, you said to be anxious for nothing

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Include God in everything!

You should never feel comfortable making decisions without God involved. One day a friend messaged me and asked if we could hang out. I replied sure thinking it’s been months since I’ve seen them and I hadn’t hung out with anyone in a long time. After I replied I got a heavy impression from God

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Do it now!

There was a recent time in my life where God revealed to me the reason my life was stagnant. He showed me that because of dishonor and unforgiveness my life would not become unstuck. Once I did the right thing concerning these people and situations my life changed instantly. I had to ask for forgiveness

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How I Overcame Postpartum and Clinical Depression.

Years passed and I was still battling depression often. There were days where I would wake up and immediately start to cry and cry for the whole day or days. I felt like there was no way I could get out of this deep sadness. It’s like a heavy fog that just won’t lift, a heavy cloud that never seems to go away. There were days where I would call out of work or not go to school because I couldn’t find the energy to even get out of bed.