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Prophetic Word: The Season of the Double Portion!

I heard the Lord say: I am releasing a double portion in this season. Due to your obedience in your tithes, offerings and firstfruits and because you have seeked the kingdom of God and my righteousness first, I am pouring out a measure of provision that many of you have not seen for a long

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Prophetic Insight: What Is Your Proclivity?

Notice in this example walking is the subject. For many of us walking is a natural action. One doesn’t think to themselves, “Why am I walking or how do I walk?” It is something that’s done naturally. Yesterday, I was thinking about why are most, if not all, the things I do have a certain

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It’s In The Small Things!

The headlights on my car have been going in and out and eventually stopped working. Begrudgingly, I made an appointment believing this was going to cost me and arm and a leg to get fixed. . Recently, I received a advertisement card from the car dealership. I usually throw these out, however considering I now

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